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Cylinder mini 3 - 1,5- round

Cylinder mini 3 - 1,5- round
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Products description

Strong neodymium magnet - mini cylinder - round

Thanks to the magnetic force of 220 grams, the disc magnet also holds several A4 sheets of paper or, for example, a ballpoint pen on a metal surface, a magnetic board.

You can use the magnet in one of the following ways:
Stick the magnet firmly to the non-magnetic material - wooden board, wall, door, and then attach A4 advertising, paper and writing implements to the magnet.


Tip: Use a self-adhesive metal tape or a self-adhesive counter plate as a counterpart to the magnet.
As standard we deliver all magnets with different sizes of the same polarization.

Be careful, strong magnets do not belong in the reach of children !
                                         even if they are so small !

Roll form with self-adhesive layer,
dimensions Ø 3 mm,

Height 1,5 mm, tolerance ± 0.1 mm
Weight 0,08g
Nickel-plated surface (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetization N42
Magnetic force (gramm) 220 gramm Max.
Working temperature 80 ° C.
Material NdFeB

Magnetic force 220 gramm
Diameter 3 mm
Height 1,5 mm

Cylinder mini 3 - 1,5- round
Cylinder mini 3 - 1,5- round
Cylinder mini 3 - 1,5- round