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Ferrofluid 0,35 Fluid Ounces

Ferrofluid 0,35 Fluid Ounces
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Ferrofluid is a liquid with microscopic magnetite particles that reacts to a magnetic field.
It is very interesting. It is used as a lubricant or for cooling speaker coils, which often overheat.
But it is also suitable for experiments, it is also popular with artists for creative work.
Simply zoom in and the FERROFLUID will "come to life".
Dance the crowd in 1000 unpredictable ways, let it flow uphill, invent your own experiments!
FERROFLUID contains magnetite particles with a size of about 10 nanometers (0.00001 mm).
FERROFLUID has great potential for the future. Many possible uses are still to be discovered.
What if you tried it too? Ferrofluid magnetism is stable, it is not exhausted, it can be used several times.
After the experiments, pour back into the bottle with a pipette.
Ferrofluid stains clothing and skin. Wear older clothing or an apron, gloves and safety glasses.
Its consistency is similar to that of mercury, but it is not toxic.
Choose the volume of the pack and dance "Ferrofluid".

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Put together different magnetic fields with different strengths, to force FERROFLUID to produce incredible pieces.
The package contains a glass bottle of 0,35
Fluid Ounces FERROFLUID with a dropper.
Ferrofluid 0,35 Fluid Ounces
Ferrofluid 0,35 Fluid Ounces
Ferrofluid 0,35 Fluid Ounces