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Neodymium Fishing magnet F 1100 - 2200 pound

Neodymium Fishing magnet F 1100  - 2200 pound
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Products description

Extra strong 135mm double-sided magnet for treasure hunters is the strongest neodymium for magnet fishing, nickel-plated for greater durability. The lifting eye is screwed to it from above, which is useful for cleaning a well, but also has a second way of attachment.

You can also attach the towing eye to the F1100 from the side. It is ideal for magnet fishing by a pond, river or sea. As a result, you pull the magnet across the bottom of the magnetic surface. This makes it easier for a neodymium muscle man to 'catch up' treasures of iron, steel or other ferromagnetic materials below the surface.

We recommend to order a tow rope with an increased strength of 1100 kg for the F1100 magnet.

How to hunt treasures? Instructions for magnet fishing:

1) Consider a rope attached to the eye bolted from above (for hunting from a well, a shaft) or from the side (for hunting from a pond, river) - we recommend a special reinforced rope and a fixed knot type.

2) Immerse the magnet under the surface, or walk with it, for example, on the beach or on the shore of a pond.

3) When ferromagnetic metals, such as coins, appear near the magnet, they click into place.

4) After "hunting" the collected metals from the magnet, remove the magnet, clean it, dry it and store it safely.

Where to use the magnet for fishing:

    For hunting metal, steel, iron objects from ponds, rivers, streams.

    To remove fallen tools from well, canal, shaft.

    To find metal treasures on the beach (beware of country restrictions).

    When cleaning fountains and fountains from deposits of thrown coins and metals.

    To collect spilled nails, scavenging iron chips, metal chips - for this purpose, insert the magnet in a protective case, see the Screw-nail Collector instructions in Tip 8 of the article.

    In the rehabilitation of sumps, canals, city sewers.

    For sorting waste.

Become a treasure hunter, enjoy magnet fishing with the super strong double-sided F1100 magnet.

See the article Catch coins and fallen keys from the depths. Get to know the strong magnets, how you can pull a strong magnet from a river, for example, a safe.

ATTENTION: Strong neodymium magnets do not belong in the hands of children, they have a high magnetic force, if improperly used, there is a risk of pinching fingers and other injuries.

Material NdFeB
Dimensions Ø 135 mm, Height 40 mm
Galvanized surface (Zn)
Magnetization N38
Magnetic force 2200 pound
Max. working temperature 80 ° C
Weight 9,9 pound
Thread M12
Neodymium Fishing magnet F 1100  - 2200 pound
Neodymium Fishing magnet F 1100  - 2200 pound
Neodymium Fishing magnet F 1100  - 2200 pound

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