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Magnet Foil A4

Magnet Foil A4
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                                                  Write your desired color when ordering !

Magnetic foil in A4 format for use in production, storage, factories, workshops, companies, offices and at home for creative work.

Colored magnetic foils are suitable, for example: for marking shelves in warehouses, for color coding products in industry, technology and workshops, for artists, artistic activities, for making puzzles such as tangram, in exhibitions, trade fairs and POS, for business and office and workshop
- for planning magnetic boards, for arrangers, for window dressing, for creative work with children
- You cut it with scissors, you paint markers, for creating home, Christmas, Easter decorations, for making fridge magnets, souvenirs. The film is anisotropic, has a thickness of 1 mm and a magnetic strength of 80 g / cm².

We deliver the film in the format 210 × 297 mm - A4.
You can easily cut it with scissors or a pry knife.
You can also choose from more than 10 other colors of magnetic foils. The foils can be stacked on top of each other, but the magnetization method can cause a "crack" of a few millimeters. Please note that this magnetic sheet is not suitable for locking magnets into place and is not suitable as a magnetic board.
For this purpose it is better to use metallized foil.
The color may differ slightly from the picture.
Use colored magnetic sheets for quick marking and making magnets.
Magnet Foil A4
Magnet Foil A4
Magnet Foil A4