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Magnet Paint 0,88 Quart

Magnet Paint  0,88 Quart
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Product no.: 02
Manufacturer: MagPaint
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Products description

Magnetic paint water-dilutable

is a dark gray, iron-based, water-based interior wall paint that sticks to magnets like a refrigerator door. Magnetic paint can be painted with the most common dispersions, wl lacquers and synthetic resin lacquers in the desired color or papered with thin wallpaper. Magnetic ink is especially suitable for use in the business and private sector, as well as in education and health care.

Prepare the surface as with normal wall paint. Stir magnetic paint before starting work (because iron dust will drop over time). Depending on the 'standing time' 10-15 minutes. Do not dilute during normal use. (Roller / brush). Avoid prolonged downtime while working, otherwise stir again. Depending on the spraying technique, up to 5% water can be diluted during spraying. Use magnetic paint at room temperature. High humidity delays drying. After 4 hours, the next layer can be applied. For standard fridge magnets 3 color layers are sufficient. To create a very strong magnet attraction, a 4th layer should be applied. After drying for 24 hours, the magnetic ink can be painted over with the desired color shade. If necessary, test the magnetic force before the top coat. Easy sanding results in a smooth surface. Coat with most commercial dispersions, wl lacquers and synthetic resin lacquers in the desired color or paper with thin wallpaper.

Prepare the surface as smooth as possible with normal wall paint. Do not apply directly to unsustainable old coatings, sanding and irregular or heavily absorbent surfaces. Coat MDF boards with insulating primer. To be used directly on non-absorbent surfaces such as stone, plaster, wood, paper, cardboard. All other cases: first try on small areas. If later removal is to be possible, then apply the magnetic paint on a wallpapered surface. For the best effect, apply paint as smoothly as possible.

Available in:
dark gray
supplied ready
Standard containers:
500ml / 1lt / 5lt
Magnet Paint  0,88 Quart