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NEOCUBE 216 5mm Colored

NEOCUBE  216  5mm Colored
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Products description

NeoCube Original 6 color - 216 pieces of magnetic balls 5mm

    The origin of the word Neocube is in the combination of the English cube and the abbreviation
    anchored for neodymium magnets.
    Neocube is a set of 216 balls with a diameter of 5 mm in which the production with large
    magnetic force impressed - these are neodymium magnets,
    the strongest permanent magnets of today.
    Small round magnets can create an almost unlimited number of spatial objects,
    which are limited only by your own abilities.
    Neocube promotes creativity, spatial imagination and not least focus,
    perseverance and manageability.
    The affordability and attractive magnetic properties make Neocube an incredible one
    funny relaxation toy for children and adults.
    Neocube is also ideal for a variety of magnetic field experiments.
    Experiments in physics may not be so blatant.

The original NeoCube set contains a total of 216 neodymium beads with a diameter of 5 mm and a magnetic strength of 400 grams. These are balls that you can have a lot of fun with, but also train your tight joints, which is definitely positive.
You can create different shapes, shapes, and just about anything you can imagine with tiny balls. For example, spatial objects in neodymium spheres are something original.
So practice your imagination and try to create new and new things.

    look this Video  

NeoCube is affordable for everyone, and if you're limited to 216 neodymium globes, you'll definitely buy more and combine colors and sizes that you can choose from on our website.

When you create all kinds of shapes with NeoCube, you want imagination, a sense of perfection, but also patience, which is never enough when folding small balls.

Do you want to know how the name NeoCube came about? The answer is simple: "Dice" is an English dice, and the prefix "neo" is removed from the name "Neodymium Balls".

Material NdFeB
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 mm
Diameter 5 mm
6 color Nickel-plated surface (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetization N38
Max. Working temperature 80 ° C
Weight 0.33 pounds
Number 216 pieces
NEOCUBE  216  5mm Colored
NEOCUBE  216  5mm Colored
NEOCUBE  216  5mm Colored