Neodymium barmagnet T-4x10 1,32 pound

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Neodymium bars - standing and easy to grasp

Ideal and powerful magnet for frequent handling - for example, for school or presentation purposes. The bar magnets are magnetized axially, so they stand on the board, so you can easily grasp them in your hand and remove them from the magnetic board. You can also use rod-shaped magnets for speed sensors or locking mechanisms.

Rod magnets have magnetic poles on circular surfaces.

Order easy-to-grasp magnets for presentation and study purposes.

Material NdFeB
Shape rod
Dimensions Ø 4 mm, Height 10 mm
Tolerance ± 0.1 mm
Galvanized surface (Zn)
Magnetization N38
Magnetic strength 1.32 pound
Max. working temperature 80 ° C
Weight 0,0021 pound


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Neodymium barmagnet  T-4x10   1,32 pound